Meeting Minutes by Axenon

With Meeting Minutes by Axenon you get rid of the subsequent work usually following a meeting and instead, attain complete control of conclusions and follow-up points. Meeting Minutes by Axenon streamlines planning, completing, and follow-ups for both external and internal meetings. Combine unstructured and structured data and distribute professional meeting minutes immediately after a meeting.
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Efficient meetings, professional minutes and no post-completion work

Key features

  • Integrated with the Salesforce calendar.
  • Add internal or external attendees.
  • Create and delegate tasks and cases during the meeting.
  • Templates that makes it easy to set the agenda and structure for the minutes.
  • Rich text editor with quick save functionality.
  • Send minutes by email immediately after the meeting.
  • Complete history with last meeting date on account.
  • Relate minutes to desired records in Salesforce (Account, Lead, Opportunities, etc.).

Follow up customers in your own way

  • Meeting Minutes by Axenon classify meetings by type, which enables you to create an overview of when you last had a type of meeting with what customers.
  • Differentiate between operational and strategic meetings and implement meeting intervals for your A, B, and C customers.
  • Give control over to the sales personnel, get an efficient follow-up, and report on meeting activity with each customer.
  • With Meeting Minutes by Axenon, your customers get the follow-up they deserve as well as enabling you to demonstrate control and professionalism.

Complete history

  • See all meetings associated with an account and generate meeting minutes for one meeting, meetings within a defined period, or all meetings with that account.
  • Start follow-up meetings with minutes from the previous meeting and immediately get updated status on tasks and cases from the previous meeting.
  • Use the list view to see when you last had what type of meeting with your customers.

Your profile, your design

  • Adapt the meeting minutes to have your expression and profile.
  • Provide customers with professional minutes that reinforces your brand.
  • With the help of CSS, you can modify the meeting minutes report to your brand and get the expression you want.

100% Salesforce Native

Meeting Minutes by Axenon is a 100% Native Salesforce App. That means the app is built on and for Salesforce, and is easy to install, customize, and use.


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